Our Church Guest Check-in Tool is so simple and engaging, your guests will enjoy entering their information. After completing the form, our software immediately delivers your customized welcome email, and also emails the guest details directly to the pastor's smart phone. It's an effortless, efficient method to ensure your guest follow-up system is off to the right start.

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Effortless Information Gathering

  • Using the Guest Check-in Form, your guests will enter their information into the system.
  • When they're finished, the screen briefly expresses thanks, and asks them to return the device to the Greeter.
  • Your form can be presented using an iPad, iPhone/iPod, Android tablet, computer… virtually any Internet connected device.

Follow Up and Notify

After guests submit the form, emails are sent and their data is saved in your FaithMetrics database:

  • Welcome email sent immediately to the guest's supplied email address.
  • Guest information emailed immediately to the church account. Hint: If pastor has a smart-phone with email service, he'll receive guest data instantly… smart.
  • All delivered emails are copied in your database for viewing later.

Process and Store Your Data

  • Your staff logs in and retrieves recent guest information from the system.
  • Either copy/paste data, or simply download an Excel spreadsheet for importing into your preferred Contact Management tool.
  • The data can then be erased from FaithMetrics, allowing you to keep a clean, current list of recent guest entries.

Administration App

  • Screenshot of Faithmetrics Log In page
  • Screenshot of Admin Dashboard
  • Screenshot of Admin Guest Records
  • Screenshot of Admin Email Logs

Tablet Guest Registration

Smart Phone Guest Registration


Pricing is based on average weekly church attendance. For churches over one thousand, please contact us for pricing options.

Smaller Church$149per year

  • 1-200 Weekly Attendance
  • Unlimited Guest Registrations

Larger Church$249per year

  • 501-999 Weekly Attendance
  • Unlimited Guest Registrations

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For questions or support, please send us a message at microphot.

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