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Free download time limitation program Time Boss Welcome to Nicekit! We are proud of developing the most convenient software solutions for home and corporate users.
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Time Boss,    Computer time limiting software

You benefit from the widest range of adjustable restriction and monitoring tools, flexible settings, user-friendly multilingual interface and complete unbeatable safety.

This computer time limiting and controlling software works smoothly, is stable and friendly to all other programs, including antivirus software and antispyware!

Time Boss computer time control download! (1.7 Mb. v3.24, 11.09.2017)

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Please try our Computer time limiting software, Time Boss!

Time Boss PRO,    Computer time control,
  network edition!

With this software You get the opportunity to administrate the usage of any computer by any user in your local network from a remote PC!
Time Boss PRO gives you the full control of the remote Time Boss control panel. If you want to administrate Time Boss PRO on kid's computer from internet you can use the small freeware program Time Boss Cloud for Windows or Android.
All Time Boss features are included.

Computer time control Time Boss Pro, free download!(1.7 Mb. v3.24, 11.09.2017)

You need only ONE registration for up to THREE PCs at your home!

Screenshots of Time Boss PRO

Please try our Computer time control software Time Boss PRO!

NkTimeTracker, easy time tracking program

Easy time tracking program NkTimeTracker is a simple and handy time tracking program. Made for business (as a Pro version) as well as for personal use.

       Download time tracking program NkTimeTracker now!
(0.6 Mb. v3.03, 12.09.2017)

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EasyNetMonitor,  free network monitor

EasyNetMonitor is a tiny and simple to use tool for testing and controlling, whether remote PC or other internet host is reachable across a network.
Just open EasyNetMonitor icon in tray and get the info about the computers’ activity in your local network. EasyNetMonitor is a portable tool. So, there is no need to install the software - download and use it right away.

Download free Snapashot screenshoter(Only 0.3 Mb. v2.70, 19.12.2016)

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SnapaShot,  free screen capture software

Screen capture SnapaShot screenshotTiny free tool for taking screenshots of an adjustable size. Just open Snapa, adjust the window to fit the area you want to take the screenshot of, and press "Save" button.

Download SnapaShot:
adder pike(0.25 Mb. v3.9, 05.10.2016)

Classic version for Windows XP (only .NET 2.0 needed), portable archive:
(312) 945-2304(Only 18 Kb. v2.3, 05.10.2016)

SnapaShot PRO allows you to manage the quality, brightness, contrast of your screenshots and to manually adjust the size. You can also add borders, watermarks, frames, lines, arrows, pictures, notes and text to your screenshots.

Download SnapaShot PRO:
813-988-6395(0.8 Mb. v4.0.7, 05.10.2016)

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AniReminder Pro,   handy reminder

Handy and easy-to-use reminder. AniReminder Pro helps you to keep track of your upcoming events via pop-up animated window reminders.

Download AniReminder reminder now!
 (1.2 Mb. v2.28, 01.06.2017)

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Please try our computer time limiting and controlling software!